Premier Metals Perth

      Skip Bins in Perth

      Premier Metals offers top-notch skip bin services in Perth, catering to the ever-growing demand driven by home construction and renovation projects across the city. With a variety of skip bin sizes available, we provide a convenient and secure solution for disposing of all types of waste.

      Bin Sizes At Premier Metals


      Our skip bins are strategically positioned at convenient locations to facilitate easy waste disposal. Whether you’re tackling a small renovation project or managing a large construction site, we have the perfect skip bin size to suit your needs. Booking a skip bin with us is a breeze, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our customers.

      Why Choose Premier Metals for Skip Bins in Perth

      • Our skip bin services is available across the entire Perth Metro areas with a range of our skip bins and bulk bins available.
      • We can offer Fast delivery & flexible delivery options. Skip bins range in size from 2m3 to 10m3.
      • Suits residential, commercial, and industrial metal waste bins.

      At Premier Metals, we prioritise safety and efficiency in waste management. Our comprehensive skip bin services include waste collection, disposal, and timely replacement of full bins with empty ones, all scheduled at your convenience. Rest assured, our dedicated team in Perth handles the entire process seamlessly, allowing you to focus on your project without worrying about waste management.

      Commercial Skip Bin Service

      We can provide large Industrial Bins solutions that most businesses are looking for.
      • Industrial and Commercial Management
      • Residential and Commercial Building Companies
      • Manufacturing
      • Retail Shopping Centres
      • Property Management
      • High rise building complexes and apartments
      • Events, sporting, trade shows, conventions, entertainment, festivals, concerts etc
      • Commercial Waste & Recycling
      • Many more

      Once collected, the waste is transported to designated disposal points where it undergoes sorting and recycling. We take environmental sustainability seriously and ensure that all disposables are carefully sorted, and recyclable materials are handled appropriately. With Premier Metals, you can trust that your waste disposal needs are met with professionalism and eco-consciousness.

      Know What We Accept and What We Won’t

      Choose Premier Metals for reliable skip bin services in Perth, and let us assist you in maintaining a clean and sustainable environment while you focus on your projects. Contact us today to book your skip bin and experience seamless waste management solutions tailored to your requirements.

      Please note the collection minimum requirement is 1500 kg of metal and /or if it is below that then we charge $150 for the bin drop off and another $150 for the pick up within Perth Metro Area.

      Call us at 08 6252 8500