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      Premier Metals is a copper recycler. We buy residential household and commercial products that contain copper and pay cash. Our copper scrap removals are always free. Contact us today to get your Scrap Metals sold. We service Perth Metropolitan, Country Western Australia, Armadale, Wanneroo, and Perth City.

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      Copper is used in various products like plumbing tubes, roofing sheets, heat exchangers, and many copper mixed materials. Premier Metals offers copper appraisals based on the pound, truckload, or tonne. We are a company that stays current with market values to ensure our customers receive a fair price based on the current market values of the various metals.

      The price quoted on copper is not only dependent on current market values but also on the type of copper. Die cast parts are more desirable as they bring a higher price per pound. Copper scraps like those from generators and electrical motors are also high in price per pound and copper metal wire being next. The price of copper ranges from anywhere from cents to 25 dollars a pound. Copper wire, for instance, can be as high as 2.50 per pound. The market values are constantly changing, so it is important to contact a scrap metal company that stays current with the current market value.

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      For Insulated Cables removals or copper scrap removals, contact Premier Metals. We are a copper removal company that pays based on current market values. Should you require a container to collect the copper materials, we will deliver a container and arrange for later removal. Just contact us at the number below for a cash quote and/or to arrange a pickup.

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