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      Non-Ferrous Metal

      Have something with a nonferrous metal sitting around? Collect some cash on it by having Premier Metal come and remove it for free. We pay cash for scrap metals and will remove them from your property today!

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      Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Perth

      Cash for Nonferrous Metals

      Premier Metal is a licensed scrap metal buyer and recycler that pays good cash on all types of Ferrous Metal and nonferrous metals. We buy:

      Zinc, Tungsten, Tin, Titanium, Nickel, Magnesium, Aluminum, Copper, Gold, Lead, Lithium, Silver, Potassium, Platinum, Palladium

      Items that have nonferrous metals include:

      • Bicycles
      • cable, wire, and fence
      • brass faucets
      • Auto batteries
      • Aluminum wheels
      • Aluminum wire
      • Copper tubing
      • Stainless steel like kitchen sinks
      • Screen doors and window frames
      • Electric motors from old drills, saws, ceiling fans, etc.
      • TV cable
      • Insulated wire
      • Copper and brass plumbing pipes, connections, and valves
      • Copper

      We pay good cash on non-ferrous metals and collect them from your Perth location for free.

      Scrap Metal Recycle

      Premier Metal can pay good cash because we are a Scrap Metal Recycle collector that recycles all the materials we bring in. Our recycling system is one that is quite simple. We break down the products, safely dispose of any non-recyclable materials, and recycle all parts and steel that can be recycled. That old washing machine will turn to new steel and reconditioned parts that put cash in your hand.

      Scrap Metal AluminiumAluminium
      Copper And Household CableArmoured, Copper, and Household Cable
      Scrap Metal BronzeBronze
      Scrap Metal CopperCopper
      Scrap Metal LeadLead
      Lead Acid BatteriesLead Acid Batteries
      Stainless SteelStainless Steel
      Zinc Die CastingZinc Die Casting / Sheet

      We are a scrap metal recycle yard that buys all non-ferrous metals with the exception of:

      • Products that contain hazardous materials and chemicals
      • Any product containing mercury

      We offer an easy sale on your scrap metals that include instant cash and free scrap metal removal. We start with a cash quote on your unwanted metals and end with putting the cash in your hand. All heavy work is done by our scrap metal removal specialists.

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      There’s no better time to get scrap metal junk or unwanted goods out of the home, garage, or yard than by giving Premier Metal a call. We will come to your location, anywhere in Perth, and remove the products for free. Before we leave, we guarantee to leave up to $9999 instant cash in your hand.

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