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      Premier Metals is a scrap lead removal company. We service Perth Metropolitan, Country Western Australia, Armadale, Wanneroo, and Perth City with fast scrap metals removal that pays cash. Just contact us at the number below or complete our “Get a Quote” form at the top right of this page. We will make you a cash quote and arrange for a free scrap lead removal.

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      Lead Acid BatteriesLead-acid Batteries
      Lead RoofingRoofing
      Lead SolderSolder

      Lead is regulated as a hazardous waste and it must be removed and recycled properly. Premier Metals buys and collect lead and pays cash. Lead products that can be recycled include:

      • Lead Batteries (Automotive, Deep Cycle, Medical)
      • Hard Lead
      • Pewter
      • Soft Lead
      • Wheel Weights

      When selling Steel and Iron Scrap or lead scrap to a recycling company, it is important to sell your goods to a recycling company that pays the current market value. Premier Metals stays current with the current market value for the lead. Our scrap metal appraisers keep constant checks daily on the going rates to ensure our customers receive the best rates based on the current market value of the various metals.

      We are a company that collects ferrous and nonferrous metals. Should you have a large volume of lead scrap products to remove, we can deliver a container and schedule a removal date once the container is filled.

      Our lead scrap removal specialists work around the clock to bring our customers the most convenient removal services.

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      For the best in lead Scrap Removal services, contact Premier Metals today. We are a scrap metal removal company that removes lead scrap products and pays cash. There is never a removal fee. Only convenient services.

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