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      Insulated Cables

      Premier Metals buys Scrap Metals. We service Perth Metropolitan, Country Western Australia, Armadale, Wanneroo, and Perth City. Insulated cable is among the metals we collect. Get a fair offer. Call Premier Metals for cash for scrap metals that won’t let you down.

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      Insulated Cable Removals

      An insulated cable is an electrical cable comprised of two or more wires that run side by side and are bonded and twisted together. The construction of the cables includes copper, aluminum, rubber, and other metals. The Metals are considered non-ferrous metals and are sold for anywhere from a few cents a pound up. Electrical cable types include Coaxial cables, direct buried cables, communications cables, helix cables, flexible cables, metallic sheathed cables, non-metallic sheathed cables, ribbon cables, paired cables, multicore cables, Twinax cables, submersible cables, single cables, shielded cables, twin leads, and twisted pairs.

      Premier Metals buys insulated cables and pays their cash value per weight. Our metal appraisers stay up to date on current market values, ensuring that we don’t underestimate the value of the metals. We pay per pound and per tonne, offering a quick and easy means to have your insulated cables and other Scrap Metals removed, paying cash at the time of your removal.

      To get cash for insulated cables, contact Premier Metals today.

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