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      Scrap Radiators

      Scrap radiators are made of aluminum, copper, brass, and mixed metals. Premier Metals buys scrap radiators, paying instant cash. We are the scrap metal collector that is current with market values, offering the best prices on all unwanted metals- ferrous or non-ferrous.

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      Scrap Radiators

      Premier Metals offers scrap radiator recycles, turning disposal into cash, simply by recycling the scrap metals in the radiators. We service Perth Metropolitan, Country Western Australia, Armadale, Wanneroo, and Perth City with scrap metal collections.

      Our services are simple based on a simple concept. You have scrap metal materials you’ve collected or sitting around the home or office, and we’ll make a cash offer and collect the metals. Our appraisers stay up to date on the current market value of metals, offering our customers the best cash payments on the current market value of aluminum, copper, Copper Scrap, and various metals.

      The two main types of radiators are:

      1. Brass Car Radiators
      2. Aluminum Car Radiators

      If you’re getting rid of other scrap car and truck parts, Premier Metals buys:

      • Aluminum Rims
      • Alternators
      • Starters
      • Aluminum Bumpers
      • Rotors
      • Catalytic Converters
      • And, various other parts (contact Premier Metals)

      We base our Scrap Metal offers on the current market value of metals. Our scrap metal removals can be arranged with one call to Premier Metals.

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      At Premier Metals, our team of experts will offer you a cash appraisal that you accept or reject and come to your location to remove the metals for free. Just contact us at the number below, or complete our “Get a Quote” form located on this page.

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