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      Scrap Metal Recycling

      Get the Best Prices for Your Scrap Metal. Call the recycling experts that do pay fair cash and collect your unwanted scrap metal for free. We are the experts in the business that don’t undermine the value of metals.

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      We are fully licensed and have years of experience in the industry, as well as a reputation that is built on quality services.

      Scrap Metal Recycling Perth

      Scrap Metal Recycle Perth

      Recycling has become lucrative and goes much further than plastic bottles. Recycling today includes PC boards, transformers, and nearly anything around the home or office that is constructed with metal. Premier Metal recycles ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paying cash for your scrap metal recycling when you give us a call. We are the licensed scrap metal recycler that comes and removes your scrap metals for free.

      We recycle all types of metals:

      Iron, Copper, Cast Iron, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Silver, Lithium, Magnesium, Palladium, Titanium, Tin, Zinc, Tungsten, Etc.

      Ferrous and non-ferrous recyclables include:

      • Automobiles
      • Copper tubing
      • Brass faucets
      • Bicycles
      • Kitchen sinks
      • Auto Batteries
      • Cast iron railing

      Premier Metal recycles them all. We are a scrap metal recycler that can convert your unwanted scrap metals into cash. We don’t make the process a hassle. Just give us a call for a cash offer and if you accept the offer, we’ll schedule a removal service.

      The collection minimum requirement is 1500 kg of metal and /or if it is below that then we charge $150 for the bin drop off and another $150 for the pick up within Perth Metro Area.

      Our Commitment

      Premier Metal is committed to keeping the environment healthy with eco-friendly recycles that ensure no hazards are present when disposing of any waste that is involved in recycling. We are a Cash For Scrap Metal Company that recycles and disposes of all scrap metals and materials in an eco-friendly and safe manner.

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      For the best in scrap metal services, give Premier Metal a call. We are a car and scrap metal removal company that implements the best when it comes to fair prices and complete services. We don’t charge for the removal and you do receive your cash before we leave your property with your unwanted scrap materials.

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