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      Motor & Transformers

      Premier Metals is a scrap metals recycler that services Perth Metropolitan, Country Western Australia, Armadale, Wanneroo and Perth City with free scrap metal collections that pay cash. We buy and remove transformers and motors from industrial and household items. Call us for a cash quote on your ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals. We are a fully licensed and insured scrap metal buyer that services the community with convenient and fair scrap metal buys.

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      Motors from cars, washers and dryers, refrigerators, freezers, etc. can be recycled for their metal. For businesses or households that have a large volume of motors or transformers, we will drop off a container and arrange for a pickup- time. Our process is one that is fast and convenient and designed not to waste time. We do ask that you contact Premier Metals to discuss your scrap metals and the procedure for collection as motors and transformers have fluids and oils.

      We are a metal collector that collects ferrous and nonferrous metals, including:

      Whether motors from farm equipment, vehicles, household appliances, or electronics, Premier Metals will give you a fair price based on the current market prices of scrap metals.

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      For the best in scrap metals services, contact Premier Metals today. We are a scrap metal buyer that services Brisbane Metropolitan, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, the Country QLD, and Brisbane City.

      Call us at 08 6252 8500

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      We will come to your location and remove your scrap metals for free, offering you cash for the load. We can also arrange to drop off a container and a later collection time.