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      Brass Scrap

      Premier Metals buys brass scrap and removes it for free. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured metal recycler that pays based on current market values. Contact us today for a cash offer on your unwanted brass scrap.

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      Cartridge CasingsCartridge Casings
      Door FurnitureDoor Furniture
      Scrap Metals LocksLocks
      Plaques and Decorative ObjectsPlaques and Decorative Objects
      Plumbing Pipes and JointsPlumbing Pipes and Joints
      Scrap Metals TapsTaps

      At Premier Metals, Scrap Removals do not cost residential households and businesses anything. We will buy your brass scrap metals, for cash, and remove them for free. We are a recycler that can recycle all forms and alloys of brass.

      Recyclable brass includes:

      • Red brass
      • Yellow brass
      • Rod brass
      • Aluminum brass

      And, products and materials like:

      • Radiators
      • Valves
      • Fired bullet shells
      • Water meters

      We provide consumers with excellent in services, including advice on the best options to recycle your Bronze Scrap, scrap brass products, etc. For households and businesses that have large volumes to recycle, Premier Metals will deliver collection containers and schedule a later pickup date for your convenience.

      How to Get an Appraisal and Schedule a Removal:

      To get a cash quote on your brass scrap and to schedule a removal:

      1. Call us at 08 6252 8500. We can also be reached by completing our “Get a Quote” form located at the top right of this page.
      2. Provide us with a description of your brass scrap materials and products.
      3. Arrange for a free brass scrap removal. Our removal specialists work around the clock, scheduling convenient removal times for our customers.

      We are the scrap metal removal specialists that pay the best prices.

      Call to speak to one of our scrap metal appraisers today for an instant quote.

      Call us at 08 6252 8500

      We pay cash on brass scrap removals.