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      Steel and Iron Scrap

      Premier Metals is a steel and iron scrap buyer. We service residential and commercial clients in Perth Metropolitan, Country Western Australia, Armadale, Wanneroo, and Perth City. Our prices for steel and iron scrap are based on current market value, offering you the best prices. Contact us today for a cash quote.

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      Cast IronCast Iron
      Heavy MachineryHeavy Machinery
      Steel BladesSteel Blades
      Steel CableSteel Cable
      Structural SteelStructural Steel
      Wrought IronWrought Iron

      Premier Metals recycles steel and steel alloys with the equipment to ensure the best recycle like plasma cutting tools, compacting, torching and shearing. We provide our customers with free steel and iron Scrap Metals Removals. We offer services that are designed with our customers in mind.

      We recycle a number of steel and iron scrap metals, including:

      • Scrap Gold Recovery
      • Lead / Acide Battery Recycling
      • Electronic Scrap Recycling
      • Nickel Content Battery Recycling
      • Scrap Steel and Iron Recycling
      • Used Iron and Steel Recycling
      • Railroad Scrap and Ship Breaking
      • Stainless Steel Alloy Scrap Recycling
      • Mill Prepared Steel Scrap Recycling
      • Bronze and Brass Scrap Recycling
      • Copper Scrap Recycling
      • Tungsten Scrap Recycling
      • Tin Scrap Recycling
      • Zinc Scrap Recycling
      • Aluminum Scrap Recycling
      • Magnesium Scrap Recycling
      • Lead Scrap Recycling
      • Titanium Scrap Recycling
      • Silver Recovery
      • Exotic Metals Scrap Recycling
      • Scrap Catalytic Converter Recycling
      • Scrap Platinum Group Metals
      • Silver Recovery
      • Mixed Precious Metals Recycling

      For a complete list of scrap steel and iron materials that Premier Metals will accept and buy, we also collect Lead Scrap, Copper Scrap, Bronze Scrap, etc.

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      For the best in scrap metal removals, give us a call at the number below. We will provide a cash quote and schedule a free scrap metal removal in any location in Perth Metropolitan, Country Western Australia, Armadale, Wanneroo, and Perth City.

      Call us at 08 6252 8500

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