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Quick Cash For Scrap Metals Removals With Premier Metals

Posted on Jul 4th, 2017

No loading the vehicle, no hassling with weighing the load, no stress disassembling the metals. Get it all done at no cost plus Cash for Scrap Metals with Premier Metals. We are Perth’s experts in “Scrap Metals”, offering our customers the prices they should get for metals.

With us, you won’t spend hours trying to get rid of your metals. We bring the truck & trailer and load and haul them away in no time. We aren’t a middleman that picks them up and then takes them to the recycling facility so that you can expect real value for your metals.

We buy ferrous and nonferrous metals. These types of metals include everything from old cars and appliances to electronics, copper wiring, and aluminum patio furniture. The list is a lengthy list and one that allows plenty of opportunities to get cash for scrap metals of all sorts.

We are a Scrap Metals Removal company in Perth that values scrap metals based on the type and weight of the metals, always taking the current market values into consideration before we make a quote. We also offer ‘free removals’ once our quote is accepted, so the sellers have no stress in removing the items. We only ask that they are located in a primary area so that our driver has easy access to the items.

How To Get A Quote

Whether a few truckloads of items or less than a truckload, to get a quote requires contacting us. We provide quotes:

1. Over the phone.
2. Online. Fill out our “Get a Quote” form on our web page.

We require that sellers provide us with a complete description of the items so we can make an accurate quote.

With Scrap Metals you choose

• A fully licenced & insured company that is reputable and knows their business
• Instant cash quotes and payments
• Scrap metals removals at no cost anywhere in Perth at any hour, any day of the year
• All necessary paperwork provided by us
• Current market value
• No having to disassemble items for the metals
Same day removals

We are the company that makes scrap metals valuable. Give us a call today, and we’ll provide you with an offer for your metals. Call us at 08 9258 5353.