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    Dirty Tricks Played By Scrap Removal Dealers In Perth [Watch Out] Read Here

    Posted on Jul 15th, 2022

    If you are looking for a car removal business to sell your old vehicle, you might have encountered companies that make you think twice. The initial gut feeling is particularly true when they manifest some of the characteristics of a dubious company. Premier Car Removals Perth is one of the top-rated cash for cars and…

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    What Type of Vehicles Do Car Wreckers Buy?

    Posted on Jul 30th, 2021

    Have you listed an old car on E-bay or Craigslist because you want to free up some space in your garage? Are you having trouble finding a genuine Cash for Cars Buyer? Selling an old car is no easy task. Private buyers would always try to buy your car at a lower price owing to…

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    Where Can I Sell My Badly Damaged Auto in Perth WA?

    Posted on Mar 17th, 2020

    Owning a damaged vehicle means you’ve come upon some bad luck – but thanks to Premier Metals Perth, you can turn that bad luck into a high-paying Cash for Cars opportunity! A badly damaged auto will likely put a hole in your bank account to repair and your car’s value may not be worth it….

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    Cancelling Your Vehicle License In WA – Why It’s Important And How To Do It?

    Posted on Oct 16th, 2019

    If you’re planning on getting rid of your car in Western Australia, it’s important to cancel your Vehicle License to the Department of Transport Western Australia. After all, the process isn’t really completed until you so. By not cancelling your Vehicle License to the proper authorities, you risk being vulnerable to any fines or charges…

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    How To Get A Temporary Movement Permit In Western Australia?

    Posted on Sep 20th, 2019

    Although it’s illegal to drive an unregistered car in Western Australia, there are a few exceptions when you obtain the right permit. The 2 main permits that would allow you to drive an unlicensed car in Western Australia are the Temporary Movement Permit (TMP) and the Unlicensed Vehicle Permit (UVP). Of course, they are only…

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    All It Takes To Sell Your Mitsubishi Fuso Truck In Perth Is A Phone Call

    Posted on Jul 26th, 2019

    Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks are more popular than ever thanks to their long-standing reputation as the industry standard for reliable and durable trucks. If you are looking to Sell Your Truck for Cash for whatever reason, there is nobody who understands the value of your Mitsubishi Fuso more than Premier Metals Perth. We pay Instant Cash…

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    What Do You Do With Your Old Forklift?

    Posted on Jun 17th, 2019

    With the mining boom now well behind us, what you may be stuck with, if you’re in the forklift rental business, is several old forklifts that you may no longer have a use for. What maintaining an inventory of old forklifts cost? Money It’s not like you can just hold on to a stock of…

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    How Do I Sell My Car To A Scrapyard?

    Posted on Apr 29th, 2019

    What you may not know about old cars that are past their useful life is that Car Yards and Metal Recycling Plants like Premier Metals in Perth will willingly buy them off you, giving you a fair price in return. Cash for car companies give you options traditional car yards don’t Instant cash for your…

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