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How Do I Know If My Car Is A Junk Car? Top Signs to Look For ?

Posted on Oct 17th, 2018

When the vehicle enters the stages of being termed “junk,” it is tough for the owner. Years of love and memories are in the vehicle, and it is hard to think that it is at the end of its life. If you aren’t sure if your car falls in the “junk” category or not, Premier Metals Perth offers the following information on signs that your vehicle is junk.

Signs That Your Car Is Junk

  • Does the vehicle have over $1,000 in body damage?
  • Is the car’s value less than the cost of repairs?
  • Does it have a salvage title?
  • Is it broken down?

If you can answer yes to three of these questions, your car is in junk condition. What are your options?

There are different options you have to get rid of the vehicle.

  • You can advertise the vehicle via free sites on the net like Craigslist
  • You can pay for costly classified ads
  • You can donate the car for scrap
  • You can sell it to a cash for a car company like Premier Metals Perth

Yes. Of all the options above, selling your car cost-free and collecting cash is likely the most appealing. Premier Metals Perth offers free no obligational offers over the phone and online. We are also the car buyer that comes to the locations of our customers to buy & remove their vehicles.

Cash for Scrap

Selling Your Vehicle to A Cash for Cars Company

The main ingredient to a profitable sale for your vehicle to a Cash for Scrap Metal company is to be as descriptive as possible with the condition of the vehicle. There are different ways that the companies pull value from the vehicles:

  • They may choose to make the necessary repairs to the vehicle and resale it.
  • They may choose to pull working parts from the vehicle to recondition and resale.
  • They may choose to recycle the Scrap Metals of the vehicle.

Being as descriptive as possible will let the company know the best way to pull value from the vehicle. Premier Metals Perth is a cash car buyer that buys cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, 4x4s, and buses over the phone and online. To have your car valuated, please contact us at the number below, or through our homepage.

Call us for a top cash offer for your junk car. Call Premier Metals Perth at
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