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Got A Car with A Dead Engine in Perth? No Worries! You Can Get Top Cash for The Scrap Metals of The Car

Posted on Aug 29th, 2018

Cars come to the end of their lives, and for car owners greatly attached to their vehicles, it is a hard day. However, the car doesn’t have to be disposed of in a landfill. The current trend for the disposal of cars at the end of their lives, as well as scrap cars, is to recycle the cars. Premier Metals is a recycler in Perth that recycles old & scrap cars. Let us tell you a little more about our cash for car services.

Getting Cash for Car Recycling Perth   

When the car is in old or scrap condition, selling the car to the recycler is the way to go. A landfill should never be considered for its disposal as the car becomes Hazardous Waste to the environment. You also have the inconvenience of having to take the car to the recycler. With Premier Metals we are a car recycler that will come to you anywhere in Perth to buy & remove your scrap or old car. So, how much cash can you get for your scrap or old car? That depends.

Cash for Scrap Metals

Scrap and old cars are valued for their metals and any parts that can be reused. So, if your old car has engine parts that our mechanics can pull to recondition and resale, then will be worth a bit more than the Scrap Metals of the car. If your scrap car no longer runs, then the value of the car will be its metals which is about two tonnes of metals.

With Premier Metals, we valuate cars accurately, ensuring that we take all factors of the vehicle into consideration to provide our customers with accurate quotes for their old and scrap cars.

We Buy All Makes & Conditions

Whether you have an old, used, unwanted, damaged, accident, engine dead, fire-damaged, flood-damaged, hail-damaged, scrap or junk car, we will buy it. You can expect to get a fair cash offer for your car from us.

Having Your Car Valuated with Premier Metals    

Having your car valuated with us is simple. Contact us at the number below or visit our homepage. Our appraisers require a complete description of the car or truck to determine a price. With Premier Metals, you have a professional recycler that gets the most value from cars & trucks.

Call us for a top cash offer at 08 9258 5353.