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Should You Fix Your Car or Scrap It in Perth?

Posted on Aug 4th, 2017

There are quite a few factors that you need to consider when deciding to sell or fix a car. Today scraping a car can bring about a fair price which can mean funds for a new car. We, at Premier Metals, have listed a few factors to consider.

Value of your Car in Perth

While deciding to fix or repair your car consider the amount that will cost to repair your car. Are you spending more every month to keep the car running which can be spent on a new car? If these expenses exceed the value of the car, then it’s probably time to sell. Before spending the amount on fixing the vehicle it’s best to get a few quotes on the car. Many car removal companies like Premier Metals will make an offer with the best value for your car. Your second option could be to trade in the car but a vehicle with repairs will usually yield a low trade in value.

Car Wreckers in Perth

Another option if you have the means of towing your car or willing to pay for towing you can sell your car to an auto wrecker. Most owners that find the cost of repairs increasing will opt of car wreckers or car removal companies because these companies will pay the best price compared to the market value. There are many advantages and disadvantages of selling your car to a car removal company with the main pro being the recycled value and the ease at which the cars are removed.


The steps in selling your car are quite simple:

  1. You contact the business to obtain a cash quote. Most will offer the service of contacting over the phone or through their web page.
  2. Accept or reject the quote.
  3. Schedule a free car removal.

Once the quote is accepted, you then will be asked to have the car prepared for its removal. The plates to the car will need to be removed, and the inside cleaned out. At the time of the removal, you will be required to sign over the title of ownership or the scrap certificate.

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