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The No Hassle Way To Get Cash for Your Scrap Metals

Posted on Mar 22nd, 2017

Typically, getting rid of your scrap metals can take half the day. There is sorting the metals, loading them into the truck or onto a trailer, and taking them to the recycling facility. With Premier Metals, we do away with all the hassles. We offer our customers the easiest way to get rid of their scrap metals by coming to them to buy & remove them at no cost.

We are Scrap Metal Buyers that collect ferrous and nonferrous metals. These metals can be found in various types of items like old cars, appliances, copper wiring, electronics, aluminium patio furniture, and more. As the Scrap Metal Buyers in Perth that are professional buyers, we keep current of the daily market values of metals. This helps us to ensure that we are accurate in our pricing when buying & collecting metals.

Our Scrap Metals Removals are easy to schedule as our drivers work around the clock each day of the year. With a round the clock schedule, we can provide Scrap Metal Removals at times convenient for our customers.

How We Value Your Metals

When we make an offer on scrap metals, we make the offer based on the type and weight of the metals. We may also take into consideration the dismantling of the items, such as old appliances, electronics and cars. As buyers that are up to date in the current market prices for scrap metals, we make fair Cash for Scrap Metals offers.

How To Get A Cash Quote

To get a Cash for Scrap Metals quote Premier Metals requires a call or form submission through our web page requesting a quote. We will require a complete description of the metals to make a fair and accurate quote. Once a Quote is made, we only require that the caller accepts or rejects our cash offer. If accepted, we will then schedule a free Scrap Metals Removal in Perth as this service is always a courtesy for our Perth customers.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Premier Metals, you choose:

  • A company that is licenced & insured
  • Instant cash quotes & payments
  • Free Scrap Car Removals anywhere in Perth at any hour, any day of the week
  • We provide any necessary paperwork

At Premier Metals, we will buy and remove your scrap metals today.

Call us at 08 9258 5353