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At Premier Metals Perth, your old or Damaged Tyres can be recycled for cash. Our Tyre Recyclers in Perth eliminate the hazards of Tyre dumping and burning that pollutes our beautiful environment. Get Cash for your Old or damaged Tyres today. Give Premier Metals Perth a call.

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Cash For Tyres Of Any Condition

“Old and Damaged Tyres” take up space and are an eyesore. In days past, old and damaged Tyres would be dumped into a landfill or burned. Both have terrible effects on the environment, causing toxins and pollutants into our precious environment. Premier Metals is a company in Perth that Recycles Tyres and pays cash to the owners.

We Are Tyre Recyclers That Pay Cash

As the experts in Tyre Recycling in Perth, our customers have quick cash sales on their otherwise hard to dispose of Tyres. We make cash offers based on the type of Tyres and how many Tyres you’ll be asking us to collect to recycle. We are competitive, and known as the top paying Car Removal Company in Perth.

What Uses Your Old Tyres Have

When Premier Metals Recycles Tyres, we recycle Tyres for many uses. Tyre owners that recycle with us have the peace of mind that their old and Damaged Tyres will go towards making products like:

  • New Tyre manufacturer
  • Cut up and used in garden beds as bark mulch
  • Asphalt
  • Turf
  • Portland cement concrete
  • Fuel gas and oils
  • Carbon black
  • Building insulation
  • Athletic tracks
  • Brake pads
  • Road surfaces
  • And, more

The types of new products depend on the type of Tyre Recycling.

Tyres that are no longer roadworthy should be recycled. Tyres are among the most problematic sources of waste in Australia with hundreds of thousands of Tyres being replaced yearly.

Why Choose Premier Metals?

Premier Metals is a family owned and operated Quick Car Removal company and Recycler in Perth that cares about the services we provide. We are fully licenced and insured and provide vehicle owners with a complete range of services that make life easy. We also provide Cash for Cars and Cash for Tyres. We have built our company on providing ease and convenience in all services we provide. Vehicle owners don’t have to come to us; we go to them anywhere in Perth. Our FREE REMOVALS include ‘old cars, scrap cars, used cars, damaged and wrecked cars’ as well as old and Damaged Tyres. Old and damaged Tyres like Damaged and Wrecked vehicles will be recycled, allowing us to put cash in our customers’ hands.

Premier Metals company is a family that cares and builds its reputation on honesty in all our dealings. We are a company that offers services that include:

  • Cash for Cars of any make and condition of you model and year
  • Cash for Tyres
  • Free Tyre Recyclers Perth
  • Eco-friendly car disposals
  • Free Car Removals Perth
  • Free Tyre Removals Perth

When you choose Premier Metals, you have a company that provides the high quality of service that puts you at ease.

For more information on our Tyre Removals and Recycles, Premier Metals welcomes you to contact them at the number below. We can also be reached through our “Get a Quote” form that is located at the top right of this page.

Get cash for your old and worn out Tyres or Damaged Tyres today. Call Premier Metals! Call us at 08 9258 5353