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Does My Car Need a Tune-Up?

Posted on Jan 25th, 2018

Cars do need to be tuned up regularly. If you are unsure as to whether it is time for your car to be tuned, Premier Metals Perth offers the following information.

Firstly, cars typically show signs that they need mechanical attention. Signs include a lack of fuel efficiency, the car stalling or hesitating, and engine misfires. The car may be difficult to start, or perhaps it was time for its emissions test, and it failed. These are all signs that a car needs to be tuned up.

When contacting your mechanic, one of the first questions that they should ask you is if the car is experiencing any problems or issues. Be as specific as possible with what is going on with your car such as it is misfiring when starting, any squealing, etc. If the problem stops once the car is warmed up, or if it gets worse. Your mechanic will need to know the “symptoms” your car is experiencing to help him pinpoint the cause.

If the weather is cold out, and you find that your car’s fuel efficiency is lacking, don’t expect the worst. During the cold weather, fuel efficiency can lack. Your car’s engine must work harder in the cold months, and the fuel during the cold months is not as high in energy content than the summer blends, so this may cause a lower mpg delivery.

Signs your car needs a tune-up

When the car is misfiring, the spark plugs may need to be replaced. Spark plugs that are worn or foul can lower the fuel efficiency of a car, as well as make the car sluggish when accelerating, and hard to start.

The air filter to your car is plugged or dirty. When the air filter is plugged or dirty it will reduce the car’s acceleration as well as its performance.

Another cause may be that the engine is suffering from deposits resulting from contaminated fuel or low-quality fuel and may need to have a fuel system cleaning.

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