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The Brilliant Way to Get Cash for the Metals of Your Old, Damaged or Scrap Car in Perth

Posted on Jun 7th, 2018

There is a brilliant way to get rid of your scrap, old or damaged car. Car owners have none of the hassles associated with selling their cars and get a cash payment. So, just how do you get rid of your car in this brilliant manner? Premier Metals is how!

The Brilliance of Selling Your Old, Damaged, or Scrap Cars for Its Scrap Metals

A car is comprised of many metals, some of which are quite valuable. Take the catalytic converter of cars; many are built using precious metals which mean a higher value for the car owner that has the part recycled. The body of the car is 65 percent steel, which can be recycled. So, car owners of SUVs that are bigger and heavier than an economy car have cash value over and above the standard car. The key is finding a Scrap Metal Recycling Company that will dismantle cars and recycle them for the owners at no cost, all while making a cash payment for the cars. Premier Metals is that recycler. We buy cars in Perth, recycling them at no cost to the owners and make a cash payment for the cars.

Why Sell Your Scrap, Damaged, or Old Car to Premier Metals?

Premier Metals is the brilliant way for you to get rid of an old, scrap or damaged car for cash. The brilliance is there are no hassles associated with the sale of the car to us. Car owners receive cash payments for their cars; and, they also are doing something eco-friendly by having their car recycled. When cars are recycled, they avoid landfills which create hazardous toxins as the car decomposes for hundreds of years, polluting the environment. Recycling cars the green way to go! When we buy cars to recycle, we come to the location of our customers to remove their cars, so there is no hassle getting the cars to us. We also make an instant cash payment.

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Our brilliant way to obtain quotes starts with a call to us. Just dial the number below. For an online quote, visit our homepage and complete our “Get a Quote” form. With a few details of your car, we will make you our best cash price offer for the car. Accept, and the cash is on its way.

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